This time something completely different, no field report or book review but I just had to share this blog with you.
I’ve been subscribed to the Anole Annals blog for a couple of months now and as a lizard nerd, I can say it is one of the, if not the, best lizard blog out there.
Anole Annals is founded by Jonathan Losos of Harvard University and Rich Glor of the University of Rochester and can be best described as  a community blog, featuring posts from numerous people interested in Anolis spp. They post everything from Anolis humor and trivia to the latest results of Anolis research. When subscribing to their mail list, you can expect to receive an email with every post, usually once or twice a day. Definitely a blog you should keep an eye on as a lizard nerd.

To give you a couple ideas of different topics they discussed over the last three days.

10 July – Dactyloa Phylogeny Redux: Morphology Plus Molecules  Link

9 July – Invasive Anole Research in Florida Link

8 July – Evolution 2013: Anologists Diet Link

The blog is awesome, mixing humor with serious research and will absolutely keep you updated on everything that happens in Anolis country. A definite must read for every lizard nerd out there!

Anole Annals link

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