2014- 2015:  Ecological niche modeling of PNG skink species


2013-2014: Ungulates vs. Recreationist: Spatial and temporal response of wildlife to nature-based tourism (minor MSc. thesis, in preparation for publication)

2013- 2014: Surviving in a semi-marine habitat: dietary salt exposure and salt secretion of a New Zealand coastal skink species. (MSc. thesis, in preparation for publication)

 2011- 2012: New Zealand, studying the effects of rodents on chevron skinks Oligosoma homalonotum

 2010 – 2011 : Norway, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research. Feasibility of camera traps to monitor Eurasian lynx family groups (B.A thesis)

2006: Netherlands; the distribution of amphibians and reptiles in the surroundings of Deventer and at Punthorst Forestry.