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10157291_10152018489897045_6846546540374264238_nWelcome to my website,

My name is Jordi Janssen, a recent graduate in Forest and Nature Conservation. I started this website as a way to share my adventures and research with a broader audience. Through my research I am able to travel around the globe searching for some of the most interesting species around.

I was introduced to what became a true life changer, namely lizards, during my studies in Animal Husbandry and Wildlife management. The more I read and learned (both in captive as in the wild) the more lizards and especially the Scincidae became a true passion.  My professional interests lie in the ecology of lizards (inter-intra specific interactions, island biogeography, behavioural ecology) and invasive species biology, but also wildlife trade and human-wildlife conflicts are part of my interests. I try to combine these fields wherever possible.

Feel free to have a look around on my website and contact (email button in header) me if you have any questions or are interested in a collaboration.

Jordi Janssen

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